weekend snapshots

Monday, February 17, 2014

Our weekend was nothing monumental but honestly its what I needed.  After having the flu (thanks Chris) and then working all of last weekend it was nice on Friday to be able to leave the office and not bring any work home with me.  

Friday night I made a quick stop at EarthFare to pick up some craft beer for Chris' V-day gift (Coast HopArt and Avery Brewing Company IPA) and to drop off a valentine for our goddaughter EEA.  Chris was too sweet to make steak on the Big Green Egg and potatoes for Valentine's Dinner.  Too bad I was nursing a soon to be migraine.  I ate dinner as fast as I could, took a shower, and was in bed by 8pm. VERY exciting Valentine's Day for the Reynolds.


Saturday we slept in.  Until 10am (what??!!).  We ran the obligatory weekend errands (oil change, Target, Lowes) and finally hung our new mirror in the dining room.  I got this beauty on clearance at HomeGoods in Mt. P.  The newish chandelier was bought at the Pottery Barn Outlet Day after Thanksgiving Sale (marked down to $60!!).  

We had a yummy dinner at Sesame with the Brewers and the Halls and then Chris binge watched Breaking Bad while I binge watched The Crazy Ones (LOVE that show!).


Sunday we slept in again (meant to go to church...oops) and then started to tackle the disaster area that is our third floor.  We are in the process of moving our second floor guestroom up there and then making the second floor bedroom an office/craft room (more to come on that!).  While throwing away massive amounts of junk we came across this box which I about died from.  Straight.Out.Of.Chris'.Hippie.Years.  Yes, those are rock crystals.  And a tapestry.

Chris went to work Sunday afternoon and I did our taxes.  Last year we came out even, and thank the good Lord we are in the positive this year.  For anyone else doing their own taxes, for some reason we get more back when we file married but separate.  Try it for yourself before you file!  (Also like TurboTax Deluxe online and H&R Block Deluxe Software from Amazon).  

After taxes I finally got up the nerve and will power to do my first blog post in a year and upload some designs to love, raleigh {creative} on etsy.  I am so thrilled to have over 100 views on my listings so far!  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  We get to meet baby Lane on Wednesday!


  1. Welcome back to blogging! I love the new header.

    1. Thanks lady! Hopefully I can keep it up! Would love to do a giveaway over at The Perks if you are interested! Give SS a squeeze for me!

  2. Hey new blog friend! Can't wait to start following along! We just need to get Alicia writing one now! That's funny what you said about taxes. I feel like we're getting less money back now that we're married. Isn't that the whole point of getting married, getting more money back?! At least we don't owe anything!!


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